According to source, the reason behind this decision stems from the stadium’s lack of proper public toilet facilities, which has been a persistent issue since its approval in March.

Despite efforts to address the issue by hiring mobile toilets, they proved inadequate and overwhelmed on matchdays, prompting the ZIFA First Instance Board to take action.Consequently, the home team, Yadah, has been compelled to relocate their matches to Rufaro Stadium until the necessary facilities are installed at Heart Stadium.

This setback sheds light on the challenges faced by Prophet Magaya in realizing his ambitious project. Initially unveiled with much fanfare, the construction of Heart Stadium at Yadah Hotel Complex in Waterfalls has proven to be a financial burden for Magaya.

Speaking candidly about the situation last year, Prophet Magaya admitted to underestimating the exorbitant costs associated with the project, which has left him in a precarious financial position.

“The costs are huge and right now I can say it has left me as a person who can be called broke,” Prophet Magaya revealed.In order to sustain funding for the stadium project, Prophet Magaya was forced to make significant adjustments and cutbacks, compromising on various aspects of construction. He emphasized the need to adapt and prioritize in order to keep the project afloat.

“You have to adjust just about everything, cutting on a lot of things just to make sure you keep funding such a project,” he stated

Source iHarare