Bulawayo was engulfed in unrest yesterday as certain factions of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) vehemently protested the recent election of David Coltart as the city's Mayor.

A source seeking anonymity informed this publication that the uproar was primarily spearheaded by members loyal to Professor Welshman Ncube.

The protest was led by Mbuso Sizo, who later was accused of manhandling and assaulting CCC Senator Gideon Shoko. Sizo blamed Shoko for colluding with Nelson Chamisa, the CCC leader, to impose Coltart on the people of Bulawayo.

According to the source, the core grievance of the protesting members was cultural and historical.

"They were vehemently arguing that a Ndebele-speaking Councillor should hold the mayoral position," the source said.

The same source added that Coltart's past as a former Rhodesian soldier further exacerbated the disgruntlement, making his election more controversial in the eyes of the protestors.

The source said that Councillor Dumisani Nkomo was the preferred choice for many in Bulawayo to assume the mayoral seat. However, Nkomo’s sidelining was primarily because he wasn't Chamisa's favourite, thus leading to further discontentment among the CCC members in the region.

"The level of resentment is palpable. This faction aligned with Ncube has now taken a more assertive stance, vowing to incessantly disrupt council business until their demands are met. They want Coltart to be removed as mayor,” the source disclosed.

As tensions continue to rise, the stability and functionality of the Bulawayo council hang in the balance. The broader implications on the CCC as a coalition also loom large, with internal fractures threatening its united front.