Tendai Biti Finally Breaks Silence on Chamisa’s Shocking Resignation, Offers Advice to CCC Supporters

Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) Vice President Tendai Biti has broken his silence following the resignation of Nelson Chamisa as party President. Chamisa’s abrupt departure last Thursday caused quite a stir.

Learning from the Media: Tendai Biti’s Response to Chamisa’s Resignation

During an interview with NRTV, Biti addressed whether or not he had been informed beforehand about Chamisa’s decision to step down as CCC president. He revealed that, like everyone else, he learned about it through the media. Biti made it clear that he is firmly committed to his position as the Vice President of the CCC and has no intention of leaving.

“I’ve just read things in the newspapers so I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t know whether those letters are genuine or not but speaking for myself I am Tendai Biti the Vice President of the Citizens’ Coalition for Change and I’m going nowhere,” Biti explained.

Biti Agrees With Sengezo Tshabangu Regarding Structures

When questioned about why he referred to himself as the CCC Vice President despite Chamisa’s claim that there were no official positions within the CCC, Biti aligned himself with self-imposed Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu. He stated that he was elected to this position during an MDC Alliance congress in 2019.

“I don’t know who you are referring to. All I know is that there was a Congress in 2019 and that Congress has not been reversed by any processes. So I am a leader in the CCC and a proud leader in the CCC,” Biti said.

Biti’s Lack of Communication with Chamisa Following Resignation

When asked whether he had contacted Chamisa since the news of his resignation from the CCC broke, Biti responded that he had not, as no formal communication had been made to him. He emphasized that he can only speak for himself and reaffirmed his membership within the CCC.

“I haven’t. As I have just said I have just read things in the newspaper. I don’t know what’s happening. No one has formally communicated to me so I can’t comment on that which is hearsay. I’m a lawyer so I act on the basis of direct, hard factum probandum which is hard facts. So I don’t know what has happened. I don’t know what is happening. All I can only speak for myself and speaking for myself, I am a member of the Citizens’ Coalition for Change,” Biti elaborated.

Unity Amidst Division: Biti’s Call to Action

When asked which faction of the CCC the party’s supporters should follow, given the divisions between the one led by Sengezo Tshabangu and the one previously led by Chamisa, Biti was evasive but urged supporters to remain united and continue pushing for democracy.