Nelson Chamisa, who leads (CCC) a party with neither structures nor constitution, was ejected from a Belvedere house due to failure to pay rentals and now finds himself at the apex of a formation with no fixed abode.

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader who reportedly cannot account for US$2,5million received from donors before the August 2023 harmonised elections.

The party which lost the Harvest House Head quarters in Harare to Mwonzora’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), received a notice from Mercy Dunatuna Mavhundusi (MDM) Investments who represent an unnamed client, the property owners of No 10 Beal Road, Belvedere Harare, Zimbabwe, to vacate the property over failure to pay the required US$1000 per month rentals.

In July and August 2023, the (CCC) paid only $800 instead of the $1000 in rentals, before taking occupation of a cottage on the property without paying rentals or security deposit in September 2023. This breach of agreement has led to the current situation as they are now in debt by US$1300 The CCC have been effectively notified in writing, of the termination of the lease agreement.

This is an unfortunate development as Nelson Chamisa, visited the Netherlands before the General Election in August 2023 and received US$2,5 million but failed to pay the polling agents at the more than 12.000 polling stations nationwide.

This status quo apart from fresh cracks in the party, exposes Chamisa;s dictatorial tendencies, proving that the Americans who refused to fund the structureless party which uses Chamisa’s personal bank account for all party transactions, right.

- Herald.