The Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) has shed light on the curious case of MDC-T President and 2023 Presidential election candidate, Douglas Mwonzora.

Despite his decision to step away from the race for Zimbabwe’s presidency, his name will grace the ballot paper, a decision that might puzzle many.

MDC-T Leader Withdraws From 2023 Elections

On Tuesday morning, MDC-T President Douglas Mwonzora made the shocking announcement that he will not be contesting in the elections on the 23rd of this month.

Mwonzora’s motivation for this surprising manoeuvre was driven by his protest against what he perceives as a string of injustices inflicted upon his party. The politician castigated the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the Zimbabwean courts, accusing them of harbouring a bias against his political faction.

He highlighted a staggering count of 87 party candidates who were summarily disqualified during the nomination phase. To his chagrin, the courts upheld this exclusion, a fact he interpreted as a clear indication of prejudice against his party’s interests.

The disqualification of these candidates stemmed from their inability to settle their nomination fees, owing to complications with local electronic bank transfers.

ZEC Confims Douglas Mwonzora’s Name Will Be On The 2023 Presidential Election Ballot Paper

However, the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) has dropped a bombshell, revealing that Mwonzora’s name will still appear on the final ballot despite his withdrawal from the elections.

ZEC took to their official Twitter account to elucidate this matter. In their informative post, they unveiled a crucial rule: a presidential candidate can only successfully withdraw their candidacy a full 21 days prior to the election date.

The withdrawal must be formally communicated in written form to the Chief Elections Officer of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. However, Mwonzora’s withdrawal was made 13 days before the election meaning that his name will still be on the ballot paper.