MDC-T LEADER Douglas Toggarasei Mwonzora has recalled four Kadoma councillors.

According to a letter from Local Government Minister July Moyo, Action Nyamukondiwa of Ward 9, Edson Muzira of Ward 4, Nigel Rozario of Ward 15 and Michael Mvura of Ward 3 have been expelled from the MDC-T.

Nyamukondiwa was the councillor for Ward 9 while the other three represented Wards 3, 4 and 15 respectively.

Minister Moyo wrote to Kadoma town clerk Malvern Dondo, informing him that “in terms of Section 278(1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe as read with Section (1)(k), the above mentioned wards are now vacant.”

The minister cited Section 121 of Zimbabwe’s Electoral Act, instructing Dondo to “proceed to inform the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of these vacancies.”