Nelson Chamisa, the leader of Zimbabwe’s opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), stated that he would rather engage with ZANU PF than Sengezo Tshabangu, whom he referred to as a ZANU PF puppet.

Tshabangu, who claims to be the interim secretary-general of CCC, has recalled several CCC MPs and threatens to recall more. Chamisa and other CCC officials argue that Tshabangu is not a party member and that the CCC does not have a Secretary-General position as claimed by him.

Responding to a follower who was urging him to “never negotiate with” Tshabangu and his team but rather let them go and form their own party, Chamisa said:

"I will rather engage the puppeteer than the puppets. Zanu pf is behind all this embarrassing nonsense. They are the engineers of this tomfoolery!"

Tshabangu dismisses claims that he lacked authorisation to recall MPs challenging the recalls, stating that he is indeed a CCC member and the interim Secretary-General. He argues that those making the accusations failed to provide evidence to support their claims or prove their own membership. Tshabangu also criticizes CCC supporters for using the “ZANU PF puppet” label to discredit any party member with diverging views.