CCC leader Nelson Chamisa said that the opposition party has completed the selection of parliamentary and local government candidates who will represent the party in the 23 August harmonised elections.

However, a list of candidates’ names announced during a press conference held by the party in Harare on Sunday revealed that most constituencies have up to three nominees.

Responding to journalists on why the final list of successful candidates was not available just two days before the nomination court sits, Chamisa said: 

Why should we announce a final list of candidates when ZANU PF is literally pursuing our candidates one by one?

Why should we give you the list now? Do you want us to advertise targets and victims?

We are dealing with ZANU PF, and we know how to deal with it. Even if they come, hoping to get information from journalists, we will not give them that information.

The only information that we will give them is that we are ready, and we will win.

Chamisa also said a list will only be given to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) on Wednesday adding party members already know who their candidates are. He said:

The citizens’ movement already has candidates. We have already concluded the process.

Candidates are selected at the local level for wards’ representatives, it has already been done.

The list we have given you has the final nominees in each constituency.

The citizens have already decided on which candidates they prefer.

Citizens already know who their candidates are and as leaders, we just facilitate the selection process.

Are you the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission: Why do you want the final list?

The final list is for various constituencies. You are not the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

We have given you what you were supposed to get. The final list you have already as per constituency.

I am not so sure if you want us to announce it again. We have had a consensus. Wait for Wednesday. You will see the final list of the candidates.

We have given you the report and all the necessary information regarding the journey of candidate selection.

When we mention names, we are very specific. We have given you the names of preferred candidates in each constituency.

All that is missing is to say, so and so will be filled at the nomination court. 

So, if you are given a choice of answers A, B, and C, you have to choose the best one.

The Nominations Courts set to sit on Wednesday across the country to consider names of aspiring MPs and councillors.

In Harare, the nomination court will consider the names of presidential candidates.