Popular politician Nelson Chamisa has disclosed why he let some of his close allies pursue wrong direction.

Posting on his X handle, Chamisa said a true leader gives their companions the freedom of choice, even when it is not appropriate.

“A true leader allows free choice for others even when those choices are self-evidently inappropriate or incompatible,” he said.

He was responding to a statement by one of his X followers who alleged that Chamisa failed to tame his wayward companions.

“How are U not managing those who were under you. Mudzuri, Biti, Welshman, Khupe, Mwonzora, Chebundo, Timvious etc are U not also lacking leadership skills to unite those under you. blessed day sir.

Chamisa had earlier said:

“THE LEADER AS A SERVANT NOT A MASTER…To lead is to serve. To serve is to enable. A leader is a servant. A servant is an enabler.

“When one serves as President, Minister, Member of Parliament, councillor, civil servant or in any public office, one must enable not disable. Great leaders enable those whom they serve.”