At the time Zimbabweans are yet to understand what next in terms of the country’s political situation, there is no signal for any action coming from anywhere anymore, an analyst has said.

According to the analyst, the oppressed citizens are on their own while politicians are together.

"Many cashed in and it’s the end of the road. Don’t waste your time expecting something. This is it." 

SADC & AU cannot write explicit individual letters to the aggrieved asking them to provide the required leadership for action that renders the environment untenable to happen. They did enough & passed ball into the 18 area for the aggrieved to locate & score but they can’t.

“When you see no call for action even when @SADC_News and @_AfricanUnion had given an open cheque – something that has never happened before – then you must know you are on your own. Stop expending energy discussing scenarios here because there is nobody to see anything through,” says Cde Never Maswerasei.

However, Chamisa is on record calling on his supporters that a lot is being done underground to restore the people’s wishes whom he says voted for change.

Chamisa says hope should not be lost as he is working to have sanity restored.

Chamisa, has since said his supporters are under siege, adding that they are being targeted by suspected Zanu PF and State security agents who are demanding information on the party’s next move after rejecting last month’s election results.

Chamisa has kept the nation guessing on his next move after rejecting the results of the August 23 to 24 elections which saw President Mnangagwa being declared the winner.

The opposition leader was expected to file a Constitutional Court application challenging the results, but he didn’t.

He has, however, dispatched his top party officials on a diplomatic offensive to court the support of regional leaders for a fresh election. Chamisa told source yesterday in an interview that this has prompted Zanu PF and State security agents to harass his supporters demanding to know what he is planning after disputing the election results.

“We are going to take this matter up with the relevant authorities, the police to make sure that investigations are done and we are going to raise this issue internationally and with the region to say this is unacceptable,” Chamisa said.

- Zwnews