Political commentator Max Lion says Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa could have been the President of Zimbabwe if he wanted to.

Posting on X (formerly Twitter), Lion said CCC has indirectly contributed to the decay of public services and infrastructure in the country by failing to put pressure on ZANU PF to be accountable.

He also criticised Chamisa for engaging in “countrywide citizen interfaces” that he believes will achieve nothing tangible. Wrote Lion:

"CCC is made up of young people. Young expect them to be creative and modern in their approach to political matters. There is no secret about how Zanu operates. They cheat, they are violent and they are out of touch.

CCC has not really put Zanu under pressure. They miss opportunities that could really make life hard for Zanu PF. At times, one has to wonder if they are doing it intentionally or if they cannot see what seems to be obvious to everyone.

Right now, the CCC leader is going around the country as if it is campaign season. General elections were held 6 weeks ago. Why is Chamisa going around the country? For what purpose? To what end? It is all baffling.

Are there any overall objectives he is pursuing with this because it is difficult to comprehend what precisely is going on?

After the elections, CCC went for the strategy of election re-run. If you put most people in those circumstances, they would NOT take that strategy in light of the observer reports.

Was a re-run ever going to happen? Very unlikely given the calibre of Zanu leadership. They only understand pressure, nothing else.

As such, CCC should have jumped on the evidence by all observers and drummed up international support, and even put the whole country on the streets based on that evidence.

Had they played their cards right, Mnangagwa would have been under so much pressure that Zanu would have been forced to take action or face the risk of getting out of government.

Zanu understands pressure, they don’t do logic or common sense. Once they know they could lose, that is when they start thinking.

Chamisa could have been president if he wanted to. It was there for the taking. He promised his supporters that he is ready to form a government.

What is he going to tell them now? What is he going to say to them? Wait another 5 years?

This is why it is vital that leaders should be held to account because politics is about the people not leaders.

Leaders should be guided by a sense of urgency in furtherance of people’s desires for their country. The decisions made by CCC during the election season fell short of the expected standard.

Leadership is not only about getting supporters to attend your rallies. Knowing what to do at different times is vital.

The ability to assess, analyse and formulate a corresponding plan in any situation is essential. Leaders make these decisions every day.

CCC needs some big thinkers around their leadership table."

In response, CCC deputy spokesperson Gift “Ostallos” Siziba defended Chamisa’s citizens interfaces saying it was necessary to consult citizens on the way forward. He said:

"I register and respect your views brother, very important. We value and respect people’s views as a party and out of those interventions- we make our Movement better.

We don’t have to be comfortable, we have to embrace improvement. We have been traversing across the country because, for a Mass movement, interventions ought to be collectively owned by the drivers below.

It is also good to note the shortcomings of such interventions so that we make them better.

Zimbabwe belongs to all of us, CCC is our Movement, together let’s make it work for the betterment of everyone. Together."