CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi said that he was chased by unknown gun-toting people “all the way to the party office.”

Posting on X this Monday, Mkwananzi said he had to seek refugee in the party offices while waiting for lawyers and journalists to arrive. He said:

"Gun-toting people have chased me all the way to the party office. They’re still at the gate where our security details are holding fort as we wait for lawyers and journalists to arrive."

Last month, ZRP spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said Mkwananzi was wanted for defaulting court proceedings over a case of public violence he was facing in 2020.

In a statement, Asst Comm Nyathi said the warrant of arrest was issued by Harare Magistrate Court on 22nd April 2020 for defaulting court proceedings. He said:

"Promise Dalubuhle Mkwananzi is facing incitement to commit public violence charges under Harare Central CR 2627/07/19 and Harare Public Prosecutor reference 11394/2019."

Mkwananzi later said on the social media platform X that he had fled the country because police wanted to detain him “for no crime other than speaking out against a sham election”. He said:

"Following protracted efforts to get me detained for no crime other than speaking out against a sham election, I have left the country.

I will continue to do my work and fight for change from my new station until the Zimbabwean crisis has been resolved, which is not long, trust me.

I wish to reiterate I have no pending cases with the police. I was cleared of all the flimsy charges previously placed against me.

My resolve to fight for change runs deeper than they can imagine. Let us remain peaceful, vigilant and focused on ensuring Zimbabwe holds a fresh and free election."