The main opposition party in Zimbabwe, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), this Sunday, August 13, 2023, held a campaign rally at Chishamiso ground in Chiredzi, Masvingo Province. The rally was addressed by the party’s leader, Nelson Chamisa, who delivered a speech summarising their objectives and addressing various issues of concern.

Chamisa began by expressing his belief that the people of Zimbabwe are ready for a new era and highlighted the lack of progress under the ruling ZANU PF party. He criticised ZANU PF for their attempts to disrupt the opposition’s rallies and intimidate citizens, particularly in Chilonga.

The CCC leader assured the crowd that if elected president, he would bring about significant changes in education, infrastructure, healthcare, and the economy. He emphasised his desire for Zimbabwe to experience a fresh start and pledged not to disappoint the people of Chiredzi.

Chamisa accused President Mnangagwa of undermining democracy and attempting to hinder the transformative agenda by seizing Harvest House (the MDC party headquarters) and political funds. He also addressed an independent candidate using the party’s name, clarifying that the candidate was not affiliated with the CCC.

The opposition leader assured the crowd that they would address the confusion caused by the installation of double candidates across the country by FAZ, a group linked to ZANU PF. He expressed confidence that after the upcoming elections on August 23, Zimbabwe would no longer be under the rule of ZANU PF.

Chamisa criticised the state television broadcaster, ZBC, for acting as a mouthpiece for the ruling party and highlighted his own clean record, stating that he had never engaged in violence or corruption for political gain. He warned against the intimidation and destruction of campaign materials by ZANU PF supporters.

The CCC leader outlined five key issues that his government would prioritise, including building a strong economy, ensuring social justice for all citizens, and creating a digital government. He pledged to address corruption and restore confidence in the business sector. Chamisa also promised to improve infrastructure, including the dangerous bridge in Chilonga, and introduce tax reforms.

Education was another important focus of Chamisa’s speech. He pledged to provide free primary education, eliminate exam fees, and introduce loans and grants for university students. The elderly would also receive care funds.

During the rally, Ropafadzo Makumire was introduced as the CCC’s Parliamentary candidate for Chiredzi Central. Chamisa congratulated him and expressed confidence in his ability to secure votes for both himself and the party.

In conclusion, Chamisa urged the citizens of Zimbabwe to resoundingly vote for all CCC candidates in the upcoming elections on August 23. He emphasised the party’s commitment to peace, transformation, and progress, and expressed his determination to fulfil the aspirations of the country’s heroes and heroines.