CCC double candidate for Hunyani constituency in the 23 August 2023 Harmonised Elections, Terrence Kumbula, has reportedly defected to ZANU PF.

Kumbula contested the seat on a CCC ticket after he filed nomination papers in defiance of the party whose official candidate was Lovemore Chinoputsa.

After Kumbula caused confusion among voters and split the opposition vote, ZANU PF’s Tongai Mnangagwa was declared the winner.

The Herald reported Kumbula as saying opposition political parties in Zimbabwe have nothing to offer the electorate. He said:

"I have come back home after realising that ZANU PF was the only party committed to uplifting the lives of the ordinary majority.

The CCC and MDCs are all the same with nothing to offer to the people of Zimbabwe."

Kumbula’s defection to ZANU PF may lend credence to CCC’s claims that a ZANU PF shadowy group, Forever Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ) sponsored CCC double candidates in several constituencies to split the opposition vote.