Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) deputy spokesperson Gift Siziba has accused ZANU PF of using abductions, torture and m_rder against opponents during elections.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, Siziba named several party activists who were allegedly murdered by ZANU PF members in the past twelve months.

Siziba was speaking days after a CCC activist, Tapfumaneyi Masaya, was allegedly abducted and m_rdered while conducting door-to-door campaigns for CCC’s Mabvuku Constituency by-election candidate Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwi.

The recent m_rders of our change champions including Mboneni Ncube, [Nyasha] Zhambe in Gutu, Moreblessing Ali in Nyatsime and Tafadzwa Chitsunge in Glenview cast a dark cloud on our nation in the post-election environment.

There have been numerous cases of abduction and torture targeting our MPs and Councillors.

Takudzwa Ngadziore, the youngest MP was abducted in broad daylight by gun-toting men, former legislator James Chidhakwa was also abducted by these men who are walking scot-free.

Womberaiishe Nhende was brutally attacked and all these people were injected with poison and are undergoing medical treatment.

The failure of the regime to bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes and the lawlessness that has visited our country is a cause for concern not just for our movement but the whole of Zimbabwe.

Ncube was stabbed and killed at a CCC rally in Kwekwe in 2022, Ali was k!lled and her body mutilated in Nyatsime, also in 2022, while Chitsunge was stoned to d3ath by suspected ZANU PF members in Glen View, Harare this year.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), however, said Chitsunge was run over by a truck. Added Siziba:

Right now an election in Zimbabwe means two things, if you want life you are forced to vote for ZANU PF.

If you vote for the alternative, which is your choice, you are actually voting for death in the context of the by-election we held in Gutu.

Voting is no longer about political choice under Mnangagwa, it is no longer about bread and butter issues which is why Zimbabweans are being coerced to vote for ZANU PF.

It is actually coercion not voting, which is a problem we continue to face.

By-elections will be held in more than 10 National Assembly constituencies after CCC activist Sengezo Tshabangu declared himself the party’s interim secretary general and initiated recalls of CCC representatives.