In an unfolding political drama within the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Tendai Biti, one of the party's stalwarts, is said to be strategizing a strong comeback after reportedly being side-lined by the party leader, Nelson Chamisa.

Inside sources reveal that Biti feels overshadowed and marginalised, especially given that his co-deputy presidents, Lynnette Karenyi Kore and Welshman Ncube, are actively serving in parliament. Biti's bid for a parliamentary seat was allegedly blocked by Chamisa, fueling the tension between the two.

A reliable source within the CCC told our reporter that Biti had teamed up with his belligerent loyalists led by one Nhamo Mugodhi, to garner support within the CCC and present Biti as an alternative leader.

The source shared, "Biti gave Mugodhi his blessings to initiate dissent and disruption within the party. The objective is to cause enough doubt in Chamisa's leadership abilities, paving way for Biti to present himself as the rightful heir to the leadership mantle."

Furthermore, it is believed that Biti's faction, operating mostly in the shadows, is pushing for an elective congress. The ultimate goal, according to whispers within party ranks, is to dethrone Chamisa as the CCC leader.

There are also claims of Biti's alliance with incarcerated CCC member, Job Sikhala, who is understood to have backed Biti's ambition to lead the party.

Political analysts said the recent developments highlight a party at a crossroads, grappling with internal power struggles and strategic disagreements.

"As the situation escalates, it remains to be seen how these dynamics will shape the future direction of the CCC, a party that was founded on the promise of collective unity and change. With the political landscape becoming more turbulent by the day, only time will tell if the CCC can navigate these challenges and emerges stronger, or if these internal divisions will prove to be its undoing,” said Mushore.

Meanwhile, additional rifts are emerging in the CCC. Reports suggest that Chamisa might be interfering in the selection of mayors, angling to place his close allies in pivotal roles even if they aren't necessarily the best candidates for the job. This move has reportedly caused disgruntlement among some factions of the party, who feel Chamisa is prioritising loyalty over merit.

- Hararepost