The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) sent out a press statement releasing the accident statistics during this year’s festive season, and there have been 1194 road accidents in total from the 15th to the 26th of December alone.

The statement had a report on the road accidents this year in comparison with one that occurred last year during the same season.

2023 Road Accident statistics

In total, in the 11 days between the 15th and the 26th of December, 1,194 accidents occurred. Out of all those accidents, only 60 were termed fatal.

A recorded number of 87 people were killed in the atal road accidents while 424 people were injured.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (@PoliceZimbabwe) December 27, 2023

Comparing 2022 statistics to 2023

While the number of accidents is smaller than those in 2022, the fatalities have increased. In 2022, 102 people died compared to the 87 people this year.

The number of injured people for 2022 was 289 compared to 424 this year.

According to ZRP, many of these traffic accidents happened on highways. The main reasons for many accidents are speeding, overloading, errors when overtaking, inattention, driver recklessness or following too closely.

The authorities have also confirmed a fatal accident near Diggleford Primary School turn-off. A Blue Horizon bus collided with a haulage truck and a Mercedes Benz. Forty of the passengers were injured, with 15 having severe injuries. Five people died on the spot of the accident. The wounded are receiving medical attention at Marondera Provincial Hospital.

The police are urging drivers to be attentive while driving on roads. They have reminded the public that road safety is a collective effort among all people involved, and cooperation of all drivers of all vehicle types is urged.