Zimbabwean government spokesperson Ndavaningi Mangwana has apparently responded to Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema who said it is “abnormal” for colleagues to call each other names when trying to solve a problem that they created.

In a video recording that has been circulating on social media, Hichilema hit back at his critics, saying it defies logic that those engaged in name-calling are the ones who created the problem in the first place.

It is not clear who Hichilema was referring to but commentators have suggested that the Zambian leader was referring to Zimbabwe’s ruling party, ZANU PF. He said:

"Calling each other names when solving a problem created by colleagues, and names are being called by those who created the problem, it’s not logical. It is not normal. It is called an abnormality, that is what we call it."

ZANU PF officials have labelled Hichilema a puppet of the West after his pick, as Chairperson of the SADC OPDSC, to head the SADC Election Observer Mission (SEOM) to Zimbabwe, Nevers Mumba, and his team, condemned the 23 August Harmonised Elections.

The SEOM and other international observers said the elections were not free, fair and credible.

In apparent response to Hichilema, Mangwana said what is abnormal is when an official appointed to lead an organ of a regional body attempts to usurp the powers of a neighbouring country’s government. Tweeted Mangwana:

"WHAT’S ABNORMAL: For someone to be appointed for an assignment by an organ of a subcontinental body and then behave with supranational arrogance… For a cleric from a neighboring country to usurp the power of the Executive, its Parliament, its Concourt and its Supreme Court and other institutions. That is abnormal!"

Mumba is a cleric and according to a report, he founded the Victory Bible Church and Victory Ministries International, a church in Zambia.

In its preliminary report, the SEOM condemned the disqualification of presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere by the courts and the delimitation of electoral boundaries by the Zimbabwe Electoral Authority (ZEC).

Some ZANU PF officials claim Hichilema is working with Western countries that want regime change in Zimbabwe.