The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has expressed deep concern over false reports circulating on social media regarding the recall of election agents and observers to sign new V11 forms.

In an official statement, the Commission denies these claims and seeks to clarify the role and handling of polling station returns (V11 forms) in the electoral process.

The Commission urges the public to rely on verified sources and official announcements for accurate information regarding election proceedings.

In a statement, ZEC said,

"False Reports on Polling Station Returns ( V11 Forms)

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) notes with concern reports circulating on social media to the effect that election agents and observers are being re-called to sign new V.11 result forms. The Commission would like to inform the public that the said reports are false.

The polling station returns (V.11 forms) form part of election residue and copies are sealed in ballot boxes soon after the counting of ballots is completed at the polling station.

The said ballot boxes are not to be opened by any person until the time specified in the law for their opening and disposal of the contents except by order of the Electoral Court."