The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has dismissed recent claims made by its former CEO, Adelaide Chikunguru she was forced out of her job through v!ctimisation for spurning Information Minister Jenfan Muswere s3xual advances.

Chikunguru was suspended by the ZBC board last month pending a hearing into acts of misdemeanors.

She later tendered her resignation before the internal process could take place.

The former executive later claimed on social media her ouster was a vindictive act by Muswere who was trying to even out with her after she rejected his love pleas when he was still ICT minister back in 2021.

In a Tuesday statement, the ZBC board dismissed Chikunguru’s allegations claiming they harmed the state broadcaster’s reputation and that of other critical stakeholders.

The corporation thr3atened to take legal action in response to the allegations.

“The Board wishes to emphasise that her resignation has not ended the investigation of the issues that led to her suspension.

“She will be made to account in terms of the law for any loss, potential or real, of assets or other forms of prejudice that the Corporation may have suffered because of her alleged m!sconduct.

“Neither her resignation nor her media statements will stop or derail the Board from completing its investigation and taking the necessary legal steps to protect the Corporation’s interests and recover any lost value or assets,” read parts of the statement.

ZBC asserted its right to protect the integrity of its confidential documents and to safeguard the interests of the corporation and its stakeholders.

The board advised Chikunguru to pursue her claims, if any, through lawful channels and acknowledged her indication that her lawyers have been briefed.

ZBC also declared allegations made against the corporation had no substance.

The broadcaster demanded from Chikunguru to execute her threats of legal action against the corporation within 48 hours.

Failure to do so, said the broadcaster, may result in the board seeking a decree from the High Court, prohibiting her from bringing future legal action.

“The Board reserves the right to protect and preserve the integrity of its confidential documents and to protect the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and its valued Stakeholders to the fullest extent permissible at law.

“The Board advises Ms. Chikunguru to pursue her claims, if any, through the due process of the law and notes her continued suggestion that her lawyers have been briefed.

“The Board publicly states that there is no substance in the allegations against the Board and the Corporation.

“To this end, the Board invites her to execute her threats of resort to law against the Corporation within the next forty-eight (48) hours.

“In the event that she does not do so, the Board reserves the right to approach the High Court for a decree of perpetual silence calling upon her to bring the threatened legal action or forever keep her peace.

“This decision is necessary to protect the continuing harm to the Corporation’s interests and those of its Stakeholders,” further read the statement.