Zanu-PF councillor for Ward 17, Insiza North, Sindiso Ndlovu, has been accused of stealing cattle and selling them to Esigodini Abattoir. Ndlovu (40) and his co-accused, Buhle Nkomazana (29), appeared before magistrate Talent Phiri at Filabusi Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

They were each granted ZWL$500,000 bail and remanded to December 14, 2023.

According to the State papers presented by Shepherd Moyo, Ndlovu allegedly stole a cow and an ox from Richard Dube’s farm.

“Allegations are that on a date unknown to the prosecutor but during the period extending from the 10th day of November 2023 to the 13th day of November 2023, Ndlovu proceeded to Richard Dube’s farm and stole one brown cow with a white bottom and white tail end, branded DAL3K3, and one brindie ox with a spot on the face, dehorned and not branded, and took them to his place of residence where he kept them before selling them to Nkomazana,” Moyo said.

“Accused 3, who is still at large, cleared the stolen cattle using ZRP form 392 serial number 4006573 and he quoted Ndlovu’s brandmark on the clearance form yet the stolen cattle did not have Ndlovu’s brandmark on them. He also indicated on the clearance form that all the stolen cattle had the same earmark yet they had different earmarks.”

The State alleged that Ndlovu then took the stolen cattle to Esigodini Abattoir and sold them.

“The police who were investigating another case received a tip-off that Ndlovu was in possession of some stolen cattle. Upon acting on that tip-off, the police interviewed Nkomazana, who was at Break and Tum Butchery, Nkankezi business center, Filabusi, and he informed the police that he had bought the cattle from Ndlovu and had sold them at Esigodini Abattoir.

The police proceeded to Esigodini Abattoir where they recovered hides which had Dube’s brandmarks on them. Onias Dube, the receiving officer at the abattoir, implicated Nkomazana, who in turn implicated Ndlovu, leading to their arrest.”