Zaka Rural District Council (RDC) has banned all informal traders in the district from trading on prohibited areas and all traders have been ordered to relocate to designated sites before March 01,2024.

Zaka RDC Chief Executive Officer David Batsirayi Majaura confirmed the developments to The Mirror.

“Zaka Rural District Council wants order and sanity in the district as you know haphazardness causes many problems such as diseases, crime and accidents,” he said.

“No trading shall be carried out on prohibited areas such as bridges, open space, garden, pavement, roadside, sanitary lanes, verandah, recreational facility, footpaths, public offices, bus rank or street vested controlled by the Council.

“Informal traders are instructed to destroy or remove all illegal structures from which they conduct their businesses.

“All traders must relocate to designated sites before March 1,2024,” read the notice.