A woman, who has yet only been identified as Svetlana, reportedly slept with the corpse of her late husband, Vladimir, for several years following his death. During that time, she also performed occult rituals on his mummified remains.

Vladimir is believed to have collapsed following a marital spat with Svetlana. During the argument, she wished him de*d. Svetlana ignored her husband after he fell to the floor, initially believing that he was being theatrical. However, several hours after he collapsed, one of their daughters realised Vladimir was deceased.

Svetlana told anyone who asked that Vladimir was in Tibet receiving alternative medical treatment. She told her four children not to ask questions about their father and then wrapped his corpse in a blanket and carried him upstairs to the bedroom they shared.

Upon searching the premises, authorities discovered occult paraphernalia in the couple’s bedroom. Amongst the artifacts were amulets, tarot cards, an Egyptian cross, and pictures of animal skulls. Svetlana used the aforementioned items to carry out rituals, reportedly saying it’s what Vladimir would have wanted.

Svetlana also repurposed one of the bedrooms in the family home as a shrine to Anubis (the Egyptian god of mummification and funerary rites).

Svetlana wound up on the radar of authorities when a welfare check was called in regarding her children. Early investigative reports suggest no signs of foul play in regard to Vladimir’s untimely demise. But the case is still pending, and charges could potentially follow.

Details of this case were first reported by the Russian website 78.ru and have been translated into English via the New York Post.

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