A Hillcrest man landed in hot water after allegedly assaulting his wife over her refusal to share her cellphone with him. Sipho Moyo is accused of physically abusing his wife Eunice after she denied him access to her mobile gadget.

The court heard how Sipho arrived home drunk one night and banged on the door demanding to be let in. However, Eunice refused to open the door, angering Sipho who then smashed a window pane to gain entry to the bedroom.

An argument ensued between the couple with Sipho allegedly attacking Eunice with a rope, beating her several times until she collapsed. In a fit of rage, Sipho is also accused of smashing Eunice’s cellphone to pieces.

Eunice later recovered and reported the abuse to the police, leading to Sipho’s arrest. He pleaded not guilty to physical abuse charges and was released on bail pending his trial set for June 20.