A 22-year-old woman from Glendale, Mashonaland Central province, had a terrifying encounter that she will never forget when she had half of her right ear bitten off during a fight with the alleged lover’s wife. Shamiso Acid found herself in a violent altercation after being discovered in an intimate situation with Philda Pamela Makuwa’s husband, Casper Makwara.

The incident took place on February 1st at around 3 pm near Glendale Corner Bar, specifically at Glendale Spinners. Makuwa, accompanied by two other unidentified women, confronted Shamiso, who was in the company of Makuwa’s husband. As the confrontation escalated, a heated argument ensued, leading to physical violence against Shamiso.

Eyewitnesses reported that the situation quickly turned into a physical assault, with Shamiso being targeted all over her body by the enraged Makuwa and her companions. The attack persisted until Shamiso fell to the ground, defenseless against her assailants.

Seizing the opportunity, Makuwa sank her teeth into Shamiso’s right ear, biting off approximately half of it. Only when Casper Makwara intervened was Makuwa restrained from inflicting further harm. Shamiso, severely injured and bleeding from her ear, immediately reported the incident to the police. Following her report, Makuwa was apprehended by law enforcement authorities.

Shamiso, needing immediate medical attention, was referred to a local hospital for treatment of her severe ear wound. Meanwhile, Makuwa faced the consequences of her actions in court. She appeared before Concession magistrate Joshua Nembaware, charged with assault.

During the hearing, Makuwa pleaded guilty to the charges brought against her. The magistrate sentenced her to pay a fine of US$200 or face four months of imprisonment. Additionally, a four-month prison term was suspended for five years on the condition that Makuwa refrains from committing any offense involving assault during that period. Failure to abide by this condition would result in imprisonment without the option of a fine.

In her plea for leniency, Makuwa emphasized that she had a three-week-old child and had experienced injuries during childbirth, which limited her ability to manage heavy workloads.

The case drew attention to the grave consequences of violent confrontations and the importance of resolving disputes peacefully. Incidents of this nature serve as a reminder of the need for dialogue, understanding, and non-violent conflict resolution methods within society.

Precious Khanye represented the State in the case.