A married man, Kudakwashe Nherera, finds himself at the center of controversy as he is accused by his neighbour, Noel Macheredze (36), of impregnating Noel’s wife, Patient Chipo Ncube. The situation escalated when Noel discovered intimate love messages exchanged between Patient and Kudakwashe, leading him to confront them.

Noel confronted Patient after uncovering the messages and promptly asked her to leave their home. In the messages, Patient admitted to having engaged in sexual relations with Kudakwashe multiple times. Noel confiscated Patient’s phone and discovered not only the messages with Kudakwashe but also messages from other men Patient had been involved with while Noel was away working in South Africa.

One of the messages from Patient expressed her desire to continue their sexual encounters, claiming that Kudakwashe was more satisfying in bed than Noel. The revelation deeply hurt Noel, who felt betrayed by his wife’s actions.

“Zuva riya wakapotsa wandimitisa. Nhasi huya zvakare nekuti ndakusuwa. Uye ndikaita mimba bho nekuti baba vekwangu mmmm,” reads one of the messages.

Kudakwashe confirmed his involvement with Patient but claimed he was unaware of her marital status with Noel, as they had only met casually, in a bar. He expressed his surprise at being singled out by Noel, mentioning that Patient had been involved with multiple men in the neighbourhood. Kudakwashe dismissed the accusations, stating that their affair should not be his sole concern, especially since Noel and Patient already have a child together.

“I was not aware that Patient was married to my brother’s friend Noel,” said Kudakwashe.

“Ndakasangana naye mubhawa ini.

“I do not know why Noel accused me only when his wife had several lovers in the hood.

“He must not bother me over Patient, after all they have one child together,” said Kudakwashe.

Patient, on the other hand, blamed Noel’s sister, referred to as Mai Fungai, for causing trouble in her marriage. She claimed that she had packed her belongings and left Noel because he believed the stories told by Mai Fungai. Patient denied any wrongdoing and mentioned that she had returned to her parents’ home in Hwange.

“I am the one who decided to pack my belongings and leave Noel because he believed everything he was told by Mai Fungai,” said Patient.

Noel expressed his regret at relocating his family to Chivhu, as their previous living arrangements had been peaceful. He explained that their move was prompted by difficulties obtaining a birth certificate for their child, which made it challenging for them to live together in South Africa. Noel revealed that Patient had been unfaithful, inviting numerous lovers into their marital bed while he was away. He also mentioned that Patient frequently visited her parents in Hwange to avoid suspicion from their neighbours.

The situation has caused significant strife between the neighbours and within Noel’s family. The accusations and revelations have deeply affected everyone involved, leaving them grappling with the aftermath of infidelity and shattered trust.