Two men died in Chipinge town early this week in a borehole drilling task that went wrong after inhaling dangerous gas underground.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wisemen Chinyoka, confirmed the incident which happened in Kelvin suburb of Chipinge.

The incident happened barely two months after two Chisumbanje men d!ed when they inhaled dangerous gas while drilling a borehole in Marega Village.

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka said the now late Kelvin Takesure Mhlanga (29) and Farai Masvotore (42) from St Kelvin Farm were contracted by Mr Enock Khosa to drill a borehole at his home.

“I can confirm that on December 16 while drilling a borehole, the duo encountered a hard rock surface when they reached the 21-metres level. They decided to use explosives to blast the rock and resume work on December 18.

“On December 18, Mhlanga went into the borehole and was choked by the gas. He immediately called for help since he was not breathing properly.

“His colleague, Masvotore entered into the borehole to rescue him, but they both suffocated and died,” said Assistant Inspector Chinyoka.

Mr Khosa reported the matter to the police, and the bodies were retrieved and conveyed to Chipinge District Hospital mortuary.

He urged members of the public to desist from using dangerous explosives when drilling boreholes.

In an unrelated incident, a Grade Six learner at Gumira Primary School in Chipinge was killed by a crocodile while fishing with her friends.

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka confirmed the incident which happened on the confluence of Save and Dakate rivers on December 14.

He said the now late Winnie Murambiwa went for fishing together with her three friends at Dakate River when she met her fate.

“Whist fishing, Winnie was attacked by a crocodile. Her colleagues ran home and notified their parents who managed to retrieve part of Winnie’s remains in the river,” said Assistant Inspector Chinyoka.

Village head Kowanayi Machiya of Gumira area also confirmed the incident, and said they engaged members of the ZimParks from Chipangayi who attended the scene and killed the reptile.