Amidst allegations of cholera around the nation, Mkoba Teachers College closed its doors due to an outbreak of what they called a diarrheal outbreak.

Source News is well informed that more than 500 cases of the outbreak have been reported at the institution in the past month.In a statement by the Permanent Secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Midlands Province.

Reference is hereby made to the ongoing diarrheal outbreak at Mkoba Teachers College. As at 13th of November 2023 at 1800hrs the college had reported a total of 508 diarrheal cases cumulatively since the onset of the outbreak on the 3 of the same month.

Epidemiologica investigations have revealed the following results:

a) A total of 8 water samples were collected for microbiological analysis, of which 3 were found to be unfit for human consumption in category D (above 50 faucal coliform counts), rendering it a high-risk water source.

b) A total of 20 stool samples were collected for

Four cholera RDT tests were conducted, and all were negative for cholera.

Five stool samples were negative for Salmonella (typhoid) and Shigella (dysentery)

Other stool samples have microscopy, culture, and sensitivity (MCS) results that are still pending. e) Environmental assessment

-Five swabs were collected from kitchen surfaces and food handlers

-Assessments of kitchen hygiene levels were unsatisfactory, e.g. cross-contamination of food items due to poor storage techniques, fly infestations, and non-medically examined food handlers.

In light of the findings and challenges mentioned above, We believe it is in the best interest of public health to take immediate and decisive action.

We recommend the temporary closure of the institution and the postponement of all scheduled events for 14 days until all recommendations made to the institution have been thoroughly met.

We understand the potential disruption this closure may cause. We assure you that the primary concern is to prevent transmission and re-infection

Your usual and unreserved cooperation with this matter will be greatly appreciated.