The celebration of love on Valentine’s Day took a sinister turn for 19-year-old Anurag Jatav, who faced abduction and assault allegedly orchestrated by the friends of his girlfriend he was visiting.

The seemingly romantic rendezvous turned into a nightmare when Jatav was confined for eight harrowing hours in a vacant house by the accused in a shocking incident in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh on February 13.

Jatav, a resident of Narsinghpur’s Gadarwara, had visited Chhindwara 125 km from home to meet his girlfriend for the first time who he reportedly befriended on social media.

The accused, identified as Saiju, Abhay, and Mukesh, intercepted Jatav and forcibly confined him at Saiju’s residence. The victim’s ordeal lasted until 8 pm, during which he was subjected to physical assault and psychological trauma. The assailants used Jatav’s mobile phone to contact his parents, demanding they come there.

Gadarwara police were alerted when the distressed family sought assistance. Subsequently, the local law enforcement reached out to their counterparts in Chhindwara.

The police successfully located the captive youth by tracking his phone and rescued him. Jatav was admitted to the district hospital in Chhindwara for medical examination and care.

G.S. Uikey, the Station House Officer (SHO), told Free Press Journal that three suspects from Gadarwara have been caught and sent to jail. The authorities are now conducting an investigation into the incident.