The Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) has sounded the alarm over the dire situation faced by teachers, warning that inadequate wages and lack of collective bargaining are compromising the quality of education.

ZIMTA president Akuneni Maphosa decried the “deepening turmoil” faced by teachers, education directors, and lecturers due to meager salaries, which are eroding the quality of education, particularly in public schools.

Maphosa expressed frustration over the employer’s failure to engage in meaningful salary negotiations during the customary first-quarter National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC) meeting in April.

Despite attempts to initiate discussions, the employer has resisted, infringing upon teachers’ right to collective bargaining.Teachers, as civil servants, demand fair compensation and allowances, Maphosa emphasized.

He stressed the critical role of motivated and adequately remunerated teachers in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 (quality education) and urged the government to prioritize funding and fair pay for educators.

Furthermore, ZIMTA highlighted the need to address the disparity in grading systems between junior and senior grades, calling for urgent action from the employer to resolve this issue alongside salary adjustments.

The teaching fraternity is demanding fair wages, collective bargaining rights, and a commitment to quality public education.

Source ZimDaily