In a disturbing incident, a male teacher from Mgandani Primary School in Zhombe, Kwekwe District has been arrested on charges of molesting 11 schoolgirls.

The accused, Mawere Pepukai, a Grade Six teacher, was apprehended by the police on Thursday morning following a complaint from the parents of one of the alleged victims who visited the school.

According to reports, Pepukai targeted minor pupils from his class, engaging in inappropriate behaviour such as proposing love, f0ndling their breasts, and forcibly playing with their private parts.

The Chronicle reached out to Kwekwe District Schools Inspector, Mr Herbert Maziriri, who stated that he couldn’t provide details as he had not yet received a report from the school head. Maziriri emphasized that once the report is received, they will follow standard procedure and investigate the matter.

“We are yet to receive the report from the school head but once we do receive it, we will be able to share what happened. But since these are still allegations, the normal procedure would be that investigations will be carried out to get to the bottom of the matter,” he said.

When approached for comment by the same publication, Mgandani Primary School head, Mr Titos Shoko, confirmed the incident. He mentioned that the teacher is currently in police custody, and the issue came to light when one of the victims reported it to their parents.

“The teacher was picked up by police and is in police custody. The issue came to light after one of the alleged victims reported the matter to his parents who came to the school,” said Mr Shoko.