Arnold ‘Oxman’ Zikhali, a 36-year-old Zimbabwean strongman, has taken the nation by storm with his jaw-dropping diet and incredible strength.

Zikhali consumes a staggering average of 60 kilograms of sadza and 60 kilograms of rice every month as part of his strongman training regime.

On a typical day, Zikhali’s lunch includes 2 kg of sadza, 2 kg of muriwo (greens), six pints of milk, 1 liter of juice and 2 liters of water. For dinner, he switches to 2 kg of rice.

His massive appetite has shocked many Zimbabweans, with some questioning the health implications of such a large calorie intake. But others have praised Zikhali’s dedication and discipline towards his goal of becoming an international strongman competitor.

Zikhali has recently filmed himself eating 2 kg of sadza for lunch at a restaurant, giving Zimbabweans a taste of his legendary appetite firsthand.

Readers responded to the video with a mix of amazement, disbelief and admiration for Zikhali’s dietary capabilities. Some joked that he could feed an entire village on his own.

Zikhali’s story and his 60kg sadza, 60kg rice diet have truly shaken the nation. After training as a strongman for over 5 years, he now hopes to represent Zimbabwe at international strongman events by channeling the power of his massive meals.