A Bulawayo sex worker who had been hired for a one-night-stand allegedly ganged up with her boyfriend to rob her client of cash and his mobile phone.

A Bulawayo magistrates’ court heard recently that Cynthia Sibanda, 32, and Mthulisi Mkandla, 31, both from Sauerstown suburb, connived to rob Melody Lunga, 36, of Khami Prison Complex at knife point.

Prosecutors told the court that on December 30, 2023, Lunga hooked up with Sibanda at Manor Hotel during a drinking spree and paid US$20 to secure her sex services.

Based on the transaction, the pair boarded a lift, described as a Honda Fit, to Sauerstown, Sibanda’s home.

Little did Lunga know that one of the passengers in the vehicle was Mkandla, a boyfriend to Sibanda.

When they got to their stop, Mkandla got off the lift together with Sibanda and Lunga but followed the two from a distance.

He then pounced by grabbing Lunga, strangling him and producing a knife while demanding cash and a cell phone.

Prosecutors said he “searched the complainant, took his wallet and an Itel A70 cell phone before ordering him to go away”.

Lunga then made a police report leading to the arrest of the duo.

The value of the stolen property was US$110 and was recovered.

The two were granted US$100 bail each after appearing in court charged for robbery.

The couple is expected to appear before Bulawayo magistrate Maxwell Ncube on February 6, 2024 for trial.