There is ongoing lobbying for the convention of a SADC Extraordinary meeting on Zimbabwe following recent general elections that were condemned by regional and international election observers.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa was declared the winner of the presidential election with 52,6% ahead of CCC’s Nelson Chamisa who received 44% of the vote.

The SADC Electoral Observation Mission (SEOM) and other international observers said the elections were not free, fair and credible.

Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services Ministry’s secretary, Nick Mangwana on Saturday claimed that there was a plot within SADC to push for the convening of an extra-ordinary summit on Zimbabwe. Said Mangwana:

"There is some treacherous lobbying going on by one SADC member state to have an Extraordinary Summit on Zimbabwe. The other members are seeing through this and it’s not going to happen. This agenda being pushed by this member state is not its own. It’s doing a hatchet job for some powerful nations."

The Institute of Security Studies (ISS), an organisation that claims to provide authoritative research, expert policy advice and capacity building on the African continent, said SADC is unlikely to confront the Zimbabwean government on the recent elections. ISS said:

"ZANU PF can rely on SADC’s collective management style grounded in comradeship and the primacy of stability rather than confrontation or action.

SADC is unlikely to muster the political consensus and willpower to put Zimbabwe back on the bloc’s agenda.

Not all member states will be comfortable with SEOM’s findings, which could set an unwelcome precedent that represents a departure from its previous approach."

Meanwhile, CCC has been lobbying SADC leaders to push for a fresh election that will be supervised by the regional bloc and the African Union (AU).