More than 100 children, below 15 years, have been made to work in the fields in the name of training instead of going to school.

One of Madzibaba Ishmael’s neighbours urged relevant authorities to consider rescuing the children from further exploitation.

“Arresting Madzibaba, and leaving his fellow members depriving the children their rights to education, health and freedom, will not change anything.

“If the relevant authorities can consider rescuing the children and moving them to an alternative place then that will be a giant step in resolving this issue.

“Madzibaba Ishmael’s doctrine is too poisonous and uncalled for.

“He is failing to understand that those training the children in their projects got the knowledge from attending school.

“Imagine a child from birth being denied access to medicine and then education and being kept hostage in what they call Canaan?” said the neighbour.

Madzibaba Ishmael insists that his followers have to follow strict rules at the compound and education was not necessary.

He said the children are being taught the wrong things at school.

He said his prayers were more powerful, in dealing with ailments, than medicine and those who die should understand that their time to die would have come.

Scores of kids have died at the compound and are buried in shallow graves.