Incoming Bulawayo mayor and ward 4 councillor David Coltart has appealed to Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party supporters and residents to remove all campaign posters around the city to keep the city clean.

Many buildings in Bulawayo were plastered with posters ahead of the August 23 and 24 elections which saw CCC taking all seats in the city.

“An appeal to 80% of Bulawayo voters who voted for the CCC Zimbabwe across the city, we need to clean up our posters throughout Bulawayo,” Coltart said. “Please help us by taking down and discarding all CCC posters. We’ll let the less than 10% of citizens who voted for Zanu PF take down theirs.”

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association secretary for administration and a new member of the city’s budget committee Thembelani Dube added: “The campaign posters have become a form of visual pollution and have to be removed. It is the responsibility of candidates and respectiveparties to be responsible and clean the polluted surfaces to restore environmental cleanliness.”

Bulawayo resident and educationist Ben Moyo said Coltart’s call was a responsible move which needed to be supported.

“Political parties that were involved in the campaigns must remove their clutter and as residents we join the call. The clean city begins with us,” he said.

“Political parties put up posters. They must mobilise their supporters to remove them. But as residents we have a responsibility to restore cleanliness and restore the city to its former glory.”

In July this year the outgoing council threatened to punish political parties for littering central business district properties with campaign posters, but no party has been fined yet.