A proclaimed Harare Prophet T Freddy has given his followers a national prophecy on a death to come within 90 days from today the 5th of November 2023.

Prophet T Freddy's prophecy claims that they will be death of a veteran broadcaster or journalist in 90 days time. According to many people, this prophecy could be directed to Reuben Barwe who is the most famous and veteran journalist in Zimbabwe.

Ruben Barwe is a ZBC journalist who has been pursuing journalism for a very long time from the former Robert Mugabe era to President Emmerson Mnangagwa's new government era.

Prophet T Freddy posted this prophecy on his official Facebook page before deleting it just minutes after.

He said:

"I am foreseeing the passing of a veteran broadcaster or journalist 90 days from now. Please pray that God may grant them additional years."

´╗┐We will continue to monitor his posts to find out more about his action to delete the post. The deletion of the post could be fear of political influence that the veteran journalists holds.