In a devastating turn of events, Sifelani Chuma (48), a prominent taxi operator and the owner of 8 Taxi Company in Victoria Falls, has passed away due to head injuries sustained after an altercation with his close friend, Malvin Nyoni (42), during a beer gathering.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving mourners in disbelief.

According to witnesses, Chuma and Nyoni were enjoying a casual evening at Chinotimba Tavern when an unspecified game between the two friends took an unexpected turn. Allegedly, a push from Nyoni caused Chuma to lose his balance and fall forcefully, striking the back of a vehicle.

Nyoni was subsequently apprehended and brought before Victoria Falls Magistrate, Ms Linda Dzvene, where he faces a charge of murder. During the hearing, it was revealed that the accused and the deceased shared a close friendship.

Reports suggest that on the day in question, Nyoni arrived at the tavern and found Chuma already indulging in beer. Chuma generously offered his friend a drink, but Nyoni declined, stating that he had chosen not to consume alcohol that day.