President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said South Africa is much more than a neighbour as its “strong relationship” with Zimbabwe is based on “trust and cooperation.” He recently conducted a joint tour of the Beitbridge Border Post with his South African counterpart, Cyril Ramaphosa, to enhance their bilateral ties. The tour was proposed when they met at the United Nations General Assembly.

During the tour, they discussed upgrading border facilities and services to facilitate the movement of goods and people. The Sunday Mail quotes the president as saying:

"The purpose of that joint tour was to ensure we lay the infrastructural basis for seamless port operations to promote efficient movement of people, goods and services. This critical goal rides on our excellent historical and bilateral relations, and on our ever strengthening trade and investment ties.

South Africa is much more than a neighbour; it is Zimbabwe’s largest trading partner, numerous people-to-people social and cultural affinities quite apart."

He added that Zimbabwe and South Africa have a shared history and cultural ties, which have strengthened their bond. Mnangagwa said Beitbridge Border Post is not just a port but a symbol of their bilateral relations, rooted in their common desire for independence and economic growth.

South Africa plans to revamp and upgrade its border facilities at the Musina Border, which is the busiest port in Africa. Both countries aim to establish a one-stop border post to improve the efficiency and integration of port services.