The Zimbabwe Republic Police has initiated an investigation into an incident where a police dog bit a student from St Faith High School during a peaceful demonstration regarding a US$600 levy.

On Wednesday, students at St Faith’s Mission in Rusape demonstrated against their school’s Responsible Authority, the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland, due to a dispute over a mandatory US$600 mission fund.

Tensions Rise at St Faith’s Mission

Tensions arose between the church, school authorities, and parents regarding the payment of the fund, leading to a standoff. The students engaged in a peaceful demonstration and later had discussions with Makoni District Acting Schools Inspector, Mr Tambama, and Mr Mukorera from the Public Service Commission at the Makoni District Education offices in Rusape, where their school head, Mr Arnold Makamba, addressed them.

During the demonstration, police intervened, and a video surfaced on social media showing a police officer unleashing a German Shepherd dog on the crowd of students.

Social Media Outcry: Calls for Accountability Over Use of Force

Concerns were raised by social media users, urging action against the officer and the state. Users criticised the use of force against unarmed schoolchildren, calling for accountability and expressing dismay over such actions.


The parents/guardian of the child should sue state amd also the officer at his personal capacity. @PoliceZimbabwe what is this?


Vakajaira violence mabhodha gezi Aya! Vana ava vaparei nekuti handisi kuona kana pavaputsa midziyo or kupisa


Unarmed school children. The use of excessive force in zimbabwe is the order of the day.


In human behavior, kahunhu kaSmith hakasi kaitova nani. How on earth can we be behaving like this.


Level of Thinking Police haisvodi here

Police Investigates Vicious Dog Attack at St Faith’s Mission Protest

In response to the incident, the police released a statement through X (formerly Twitter) stating that they will be conducting an investigation. Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga has requested a comprehensive report from the Manicaland police.