By Reporter | Prophet Passion Java has vowed to divorce his wife Lily Java, through a facebook post made today on his official facebook account, if Zanupf Scott Sakupwanya looses in the upcoming constituency elections that were caused by re-calls made by Sengezo Tshabangu an imposter Secretary General for Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

In the previous harmonized elections Scott Sakupwanya lost the Member of Parliament seat to Phibion Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwe of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). This Tuesday the recalled Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Phibion Munyaradzi Kufahakutizwe successfully filed nomination papers to represent his party again in the by election set for December 9 this year.

In what could be seen as a history repeating it-self situation, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is most likely to win the election again considering that they was no change of candidates.