Three armed robbers opened fire on a bus heading from Marange to Mutare, robbing terrified passengers of US$1600 in cash and smartphones.

The gunmen had boarded the Trip-Trans bus in Marange before lying that they needed to relieve themselves – begging the driver Owen Kagore to stop.

As soon as the bus stopped, one of the robbers pulled out a pistol and fired a shot through the windscreen, ordering everyone to lie down.

Passengers were ordered to hand over their phones and money as the robbers ransacked the bus. A second shot was then fired at the back of the vehicle.

Luckily only the conductor was injured – sustaining a minor head wound.

The bandits made off with US$934 in cash and 10 cellphones worth US$635 – a total of US$1569.

Detectives found 9mm bullet casings at the scene on the Mutare-Chimanimani Highway, but the gunmen remain at large.

Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

Meanwhile, passengers on the bus will no doubt be left shaken by their horrifying ordeal at the hands of the ruthless armed robbers.