The Unsettling Love Triangle in Vokola Village, Matabeleland South Province.

In the quiet village of Vokola, nestled within Insiza South District of Matabeleland South Province, an unusual tale of love, betrayal, and cultural customs has unfolded. Godfrey Nkala, a man who recently married Nobubelo Thebe, found himself at the center of a perplexing situation when his wife left him to marry her former teacher, Mthandazo Matshilo Dube. The story took an unexpected turn when Godfrey received a lobola refund of R13,000 from Dube, marking a peculiar resolution to this entangled love triangle.

A Controversial Love Story

The love story began when Dube, who was a teacher at Mkwabene Secondary School in Insiza South District, fell in love with Nobubelo Thebe, one of his pupils. Allegedly, their relationship blossomed during Nobubelo’s time in Form Four, and it continued even after her graduation. Meanwhile, Dube was married to an unnamed woman who had passed away approximately three years ago.

When Godfrey and Nobubelo got married in early 2022, it seemed like a promising union. However, Nobubelo’s affection for her former teacher resurfaced, and she eventually decided to marry Dube. The sudden turn of events left Godfrey in a difficult situation, but he managed to secure a surprising lobola refund from Dube amounting to R13,000.

The Lobola Refund

According to sources close to the matter, Godfrey’s family only paid a portion of the lobola (bride price) since Godfrey intended to take Nobubelo to South Africa with him instead of following the customary practice of visiting his in-laws. Consequently, when Nobubelo and Godfrey agreed to part ways, Godfrey’s family received a refund of R13,000 from Dube through a mediator. Later, Dube’s representative paid an additional R5,000 as amalobolo, expressing regret for the delay caused by organizing a memorial service for his late wife.

Denials and Emotional Turmoil

When contacted for comment, both Dube and Nobubelo denied the allegations. Dube threatened the reporter, insinuating that his reputation was being tarnished. Nobubelo, on the other hand, stated firmly that she was not ready for marriage and dismissed the entire story as falsehoods.

The Repercussions and Community Response

While the situation has caused turmoil within the families involved, it has also drawn attention from the community. Bethwell Khumalo, speaking on behalf of the Thebe family, confirmed the incident and explained the circumstances that led to the lobola refund. He acknowledged that the new couple, Dube and Nobubelo, had been dating for a long time, starting when she was still a student. However, Dorothy Nkala, Godfrey’s aunt, expressed disappointment in Nobubelo’s decision and revealed that the family felt unwelcome in their church community, where Nobubelo serves as a preacher.

The Brethren In Christ Church (BICC), where both families fellowship, has yet to receive an official announcement regarding the incident. While the church does not condone divorce outside of cases involving adultery, the leadership has not been formally informed and is waiting to take appropriate action.

The love triangle involving Godfrey Nkala, Nobubelo Thebe, and Mthandazo Matshilo Dube has left Vokola Village abuzz with rumours and speculations.