Since Israel launched a bombing campaign against Gaza after an attack by Hamas, nearly 5,100 Palestinians have been killed, including around 40% (over 2,000) children, according to Gaza’s Ministry of Health.

The ongoing conflict has resulted in the destruction of thousands of buildings and the displacement of over one million people. Israeli military strikes have targeted various locations, including tunnels, command centres, and military compounds used by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al Jazeera reported.

In response to the Israeli airstrikes, Hamas continues to launch attacks into Israel. The violence has caused significant loss of life on both sides, with Israeli officials reporting at least 1,400 deaths, mostly civilians, from Hamas attacks. The conflict shows no signs of slowing down, as Israel threatens a full-scale ground invasion and the airstrikes in Gaza continue. The situation remains volatile, with bombings occurring even during early morning hours, leading to further casualties and devastation.

Israeli forces have continued to bombard the southern part of Gaza, even after ordering people from the north to relocate there. The situation remains tense, with Israeli forces massed near the border and carrying out limited incursions to target Hamas and rescue captives taken by the group. Skirmishes between Hamas fighters and Israeli armoured units have occurred, resulting in casualties on both sides.