Discent Collins Bajila, the Member of Parliament for Emakhandeni Luveve Constituency, has issued a passionate plea to end vandalism after a recent incident in New Lobhengula. During the festive season, unknown individuals stole the metal handle of a borehole and removed the goalposts from a nearby soccer pitch, leaving the community grappling with the aftermath.

The theft has significantly impacted the local residents, creating a scarcity of tap water. In response to this unfortunate situation, a makeshift wooden handle has been installed to ensure that the community can still access essential water resources.

Expressing concern for the well-being of the community, MP Discent Collins Bajila is now calling for support to strengthen neighborhood watch systems. In a Facebook post, he stated, “I invite corporates and other well-wishers to support us in strengthening neighborhood watch systems.” The support requested includes items such as reflector bibs, handcuffs, baton sticks, torches, and whistles, all aimed at enhancing security measures within the constituency.

The appeal emphasizes the need for unity in safeguarding communities against acts of vandalism. By seeking assistance from corporates and well-wishers, MP Bajila aims to bolster the local neighborhood watch and ensure that such incidents do not recur.

As Emakhandeni Luveve Constituency grapples with the aftermath of this vandalism, residents and supporters are urged to join hands in the effort to secure and protect their neighborhoods. MP Bajila’s rallying call for an end to vandalism echoes the sentiment that communities must unite to preserve shared resources and maintain a safe living environment for all.