A 14-year-old female learner from Transparency College in Chitungwiza who went missing on 01 March this year was found in Mozambique where she had gone to stay with a man.

There were concerns that Mitchell Gwashavanhu could have been murdered or trafficked when she disappeared.

Mitchell went to school on the day in question and never returned home.

Since she went missing, her family had been demanding answers from the school authorities.

It has, however, emerged that Mitchell was alive and was with her boyfriend who had taken her to Mozambique.

According to H-Metro, Mitchell agreed to go to Mozambique with her boyfriend, who has since been arrested by the police.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) detectives reportedly left for Mozambique on Saturday to facilitate Mitchell’s return.

Speaking to the publication, Mitchell’s uncle said they are still waiting for the police to furnish them with more details on the matter. He said:

I am still waiting for the police since the matter is in the hands of the police. The police will furnish us with more details but they went there to bring her home.

H-Metro reported a source as saying Mitchell eloped to her boyfriend who later abandoned her after she seriously got sick. Said the source:

The man who took her to Mozambique is most likely to face kidnapping charges since the girl just disappeared, there could be child trafficking and rape charges too.

Mwana uyu anga atizira, she was not forced to go with the man. We are told kuti vaitowirirana and they agreed to go together.

She thought she had found a marriage mate, there were many blame games yet mwana akaita musikanzwa akatizira.

Imagine everyone thought she was murdered.

She got sick during the time they were staying together. So her boyfriend, disappeared since hanzi akarwara zviri serious.

He was afraid, and she saw kuti atizwa and went to the hospital.

She further reported the matter to the police.

Prior to the latest development, Mitchell’s relatives reportedly received a call from an unnamed individual who advised them to come and take their child from Mozambique.