Minors who went viral after being caught on video drinking alcohol in public on Christmas day have finally been identified.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police have confirmed that they now know the identity of the minors who were caught public drinking in the CBD on Christmas day. This came after a video shot by a concerned citizen went viral on social media, and netizens expressed grave concern.

Rage over underage drinking video

After the video showing the kids drinking Belgravia at corner Inez Terez and Robert Mugabe in public circulated, there was a lot of rage on social media.

Many Zimbabweans raised concerns over how the kids would be drinking and unsupervised. Many questioned who had sold the alcohol to the children and called for their arrest. Some even tagged the police and demanded the arrest of the children’s parents.

The ZRP shared that they were having investigations over the issue, and just a day later, they updated the public on the case.

Minors caught drinking and responsible adults identified

In a statement released by the ZRP today, the police shared that the minors aged 13 and 11 years old are now known. Their parents have also been located and identified.

According to the police, the kids’ parents separated in November 2022, and the mother got custody of the children. The two boys live with their mother in Epworth, but at the time, they had run away from home to beg and vend in the CBD with other street kids.

The two, together with the other eight street kids, got the Mayfair alcohol through another person. They sat close to the Chicken Inn food outlet and publicly drank the alcohol where a businessman filmed them.

The man who filmed them was identified and is helping the police with the investigations on the underage drinking issue. The person who sold the alcohol to the children is yet to be determined