Last night’s midnight court ruling which many lawyers said is a violation of the law and an embarrassment to the legal fraternity has now resulted in a law firm objecting to what the judge entered into the order that he issued after midnight.

Justice Isaac Muzenda presided over the High Court application by Sengezo Tshabangu to stop CCC recalled MPs from participating in today’s by-elections after their appeal in the Supreme Court.

He issued his ruling after midnight.

Lawyers have questioned why the Mutare based judge was brought in to preside over an issue in Harare in the middle of the night when Harare has the largest pool of High Court judges.

One of the lawyers mentored in the judge’s ruling Jeremiah Bamu shared his personal account of what happened and his law firm has written an official letter alleging that there was a fraudulent act of pretending that he was there to represent someone when he was not.

Jeremiah Bamu’s account below 👇🏿

“I was dragged from bed at 22.10hrs back to the office to join an online session of a court that I had no idea about.

The court officials insisted it was just a case management meeting.

When I got there I was ambushed into the actual hearing of the matter on the merits.

I told them I was a complete alien to the proceedings.

I had no mandate from the candidates and I didn’t know if they were aware of the night (in) justice.

I told them I had not participated in any of the prior proceedings and had not read any of the papers to enable me to fully appreciate the matter at hand and apply my mind to it.

I asked for time to obtain a mandate and instructions.

I asked for time to read through the papers and understand them. I pointed out that where good cause exists poll opening can be delayed by the constituency elections officer.

I told them that common decency, logic, professionalism, etiquette and integrity of process would require that the matter be postponed for the reasons I had cited.

The Judge proceeded with the hearing. He said he appreciated the issues I had raised but was nonetheless going to grant the order and I was free to leave the hearing or listen to him pronounce his decision.

I have never seen the likes of this.

A clearly choreographed script that I was required to sanitize.

I refused to sanitize it.

They nonetheless proceeded.”