A Harare man was left counting his losses after allegedly losing USD$100 000 to fake magicians who had promised to multiply the cash three-fold.

A bid to magically multiply money three-fold has left a Harare man counting losses.

It is alleged that in December last year, the complainant was approached by the accused, James Munetsi aged 57 years who is his friend and convinced him that he knew magicians from Kenya who could multiply money.

Further allegations are that the accused then introduced his accomplices who are still at large as magicians before they allegedly performed a trick multiplying US$10 into US$30 in an attempt to convince the complainant they were genuine.

The State alleges that the accused and his accomplices went on to persuade the complainant to give them more money to multiply.

It is alleged that the complainant then sourced US$100 000 and handed it to the accused and his accomplices with hopes it would be multiplied three-fold.

The court heard that the accused and his accomplices disappeared with the sourced cash and left papers in the bag which was purported to be containing the multiplied cash.

The accused who is facing charges of fraud was remanded in custody pending his bail application next week.