A man from Mzilikazi Suburb in Bulawayo was crushed on the head by a bus and died at the Central Business District (CBD) on Tuesday, which police suspect was a suicide case because the deceased crawled under the bus when it had stopped at the traffic lights.

The incident occurred around 9am according to Bulawayo Acting Provincial Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele.

Asst. Insp. Msebele said the deceased, identified as Darlington Muriri, crawled under a commuting bus that had stopped at a robot along Herbert Chitepo Street and aligned his head with the left rear wheels.

She said when the unsuspecting bus driver drove off, he crushed Muriri’s head and he died on the spot.

“Police can confirm the sudden death of Darlington Muriri a male adult of Mzilikazi, Bulawayo which occurred in the CBD. On 14 November 2023 around 9am, a male adult aged 31 years of Luveve, Bulawayo was driving a bus along Herbert Chitepo Street. He stopped at the robot as it was red on his side.

“The now deceased crawled and slept under the bus aligning his head with the left rear wheels. When the robot was in favour of the bus driver, he drove his bus without recognising the presence of the now deceased under the bus,” Asst Insp Msebele said.

“The bus crushed his head and he died on the spot. A police report was made. The body of the now deceased was taken to United Bulawayo Hospital for post-mortem. It is suspected that the now deceased wanted to commit suicide.”

She urged members of the public to seek counselling whenever they encounter problems, than resort to taking their own lives.